Front view of Brava smart oven on a kitchen countertop. The oven is about the size of a color laser printer and has a stainless steel finish with black upper and lower surfaces. The version shown has a front door nearly the size of the oven with a single handle that extends horizontally across the top of the door.

CSUN 2024: Brava Smart Oven that Cooks with Light

Allison interviews Travis Rea about the Brava smart oven that cooks with light. Brava uses coordinated pulses of infrared light to cook hotter, faster, and with more precision than conventional or microwave ovens. It is hot and fast enough to cook a meal in less time than it takes to preheat a conventional oven.

Brava’s infrared lamps are strong enough to sear steak and also gentle and controllable enough to poach eggs. Like a spotlight, each lamp focuses its energy directly into the food without bleeding into the next zone or the oven walls.

Inside of Brava is a removable cooking sheet with three cooking zones that allow you to cook three different foods simultaneously on the same tray to different levels of doneness. So you could, for example, simultaneously cook steak in zone 1, potatoes in zone 2, and asparagus in zone 3 all to the desired level of doneness in one session.

In addition to cooking in a manual mode, Brava has thousands of recipe programs to automatically cook full breakfasts, dinners, and desserts. The company is working to make the oven fully accessible so it can be more useful to those who are visually, cognitively, or motor impaired. You can get step-by-step instructions from preparation to plating from the Brava mobile app. Brava’s interior camera broadcasts to the app so you can watch your meal cook remotely.

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