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NC #683 Drobo 5N2, Wyze Cam Pan, WWDC Excited or Not

It’s a nice long show but only a few topics this week. We’ll start with a walk through what I learned testing the Drobo 5N2 network attached storage. It’s not so much about the Drobo itself but more about the technologies involved. Then we’ll talk about the new Wyze Cam Pan $30 security camera. Finally I’ll tell you what I thought was interesting, exciting, boring, disappointing or just plain dumb in the announcements from Apple’s WWDC keynote.

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Wyze Cam is an Addiction – Now the Wyze Cam Pan

Back in January I told you about how Joe LaGreca convinced Steve and me to try out the $20 (+$5 shipping or $26 on Amazon) security camera from a company called Wyze Cam. After buying one Wyze Cam for our family room, we bought one for the living room to replace the Omna webcam that made me so angry. Then we bought a third that points out our front window to give us full visibility to our front yard, our driveway and our mailbox. It’s actually one of my favorite views.

Duey Wyze Cam Front YardThe Wyze Cam is an adorable little camera that reminded us of the three little robots in the movie Silent Running (1972 sci-fi movie starring Bruce Dern), so we named the three of them Huey, Duey and Louie. I’ve already told you all of the cool features of the Wyze Cam in my article in January, but since I wrote that up, they have come out with new cameras.

Just a bit ago they came out with the Wyze Cam 2, which adds motion tagging which is actually when Duey and Luey joined the team. Motion tagging shows you on screen what motion triggered it to record by putting a little green box around it. You can also set motion zones, so like with Duey who looks out the front window, we excluded the area where the tree leaves were always triggering an alert.

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