My Code-Free Automation Video from CMD-D & a New CMD-D Class

Almost a year ago I told you how excited and honored I was to be asked to speak at Sal Saghoian’s CMD-D Conference on automation. My talk was entitled “Code-Free Automation”. The talks were recorded by Alex Lindsay and the Pixel Corps and only just now have been made available to the public! I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you now. Scroll down to get to the video.

But there’s more to this story. The day before the conference, there was an all-day Scripting Bootcamp instructed by Ray Robertson. It was focused on the amazing things you can do with AppleScript, which was a gap in my knowledge. I loved it. Ray is a wonderful teacher with a gentle and self-deprecating sense of humor. I gave him some feedback on the class, specifically that I would really have liked more hands-on class time to practice what he was teaching. Ray came back to me earlier this year to ask me more questions about an idea he had for a longer class.

I’m happy to tell you that Ray and Sal have teamed up to bring you the Down-Home Scripting Bootcamp. It will be Monday through Wednesday, October 15-17 in Cartersfield, Georgia just outside of Alabama (that’s where the down-home part comes from). The three days of advanced scripting education will have hands-on exercises and limited size for special attention. Whether you’re new to scripting, or a scripter who wants to know more, you’ll get a lot out of this class.

Check it out at…. Early-bird Pricing is over but if you use my coupon code you can get $200 off the Advanced Pricing that’s available now, which gets you back to Early-bird pricing. The coupon code is exactly what you would expect if you guess what it would be. I’ll be saying it in the podcast if you can’t figure it out from that clue!

With that tease to get you interested, here’s the video of my presentation from CMD-D:

Code-Free Automation from Otto Automator on Vimeo.

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