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CCATP #562 – Dr. Michael Kramer on the Study of Digital History

Dr Michael J KramerI know I say this every week, but I had the best time recording this week with Dr. Michael Kramer, a digital historian from Middlebury College in Vermont. Michael talks about the impact of digital technology on history and culture and the humanities. We talk about the impact of women actually being the computers in the 1960s. We talk about what he hopes his students will do differently in their careers as a result of what they learn in his class. We talk about the insane number of books he makes his students read (but they look really fascinating! You might also know Michael as Toby’s dad, the young man who has given us a few reviews for the show and who is an active member of the NosillaCastaways live chat room.

You can find all of Michael’s work and connect with him at and you can follow him on Twitter @kramermj. If you’d like to see his course syllabus that is the basis of much of our discussion, here’s a direct link:….

Two books he suggested we might enjoy reading (I bought them both):

mp3 download

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