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CCATP #579 – Shai Yammanee on Pulling Back from Social Media

This week we have recurring guest Shai Yammanee back, but this time not to talk about photography, videography or performing as he has in the past. Shai recently decided to remove Facebook from his phone (he still accesses it from his computer) and I wanted to have him on to find out why and also to explore this whole movement of people getting out of social media. We talk about the repercussions for “normal” people but also we learn about how important Instagram is for employment for performers. We talk about how social media makes us feel and what we would lose if we left.

You can follow Shai on Instagram at shai_yammanee and shai_yammanee_photography. You can follow him on Twitter @shaiyammanee.

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The books Shai and I discussed:

* Author Andrew Mayne especially The Naturalist series – Andrew Mayne on Amazon
* Author Matthew Reilly, action books by an Australian – Matthew Reilly on Amazon
* Seveneves by Neal Stephenson, Science Fiction – on Amazon
* The Martian by Andrew Weir – on Amazon

3 thoughts on “CCATP #579 – Shai Yammanee on Pulling Back from Social Media

  1. Sandy - January 29, 2019

    Ack! I was listening to (and thoroughly enjoying!) this episode while driving to my doctor’s appointment across town this morning. I thought I could come home and look on this page to find the names of some of the books you were discussing. Drat! No list. 🙁

  2. Sandy - January 29, 2019

    Update — I was “forced” to listen again to get the information I wanted. What a sacrifice to have to listen to that gorgeous voice singing at the end again. 😉

  3. podfeet - February 2, 2019

    Oh shoot – I didn’t even think to write them down, Sandy! Sorry about that.

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