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NC #734 Write by Hand, (no) Tesla Tech – Repairs, Security Bits

I start the show by trying to convince you to write by hand instead of with a keyboard when you’re trying to think. I wrote up a stor called Tesla Tech, this one sadly entitled, “How to Get Your Tesla Repaired After an Accident”, but alert listener Kevin M pointed out that I totally forgot to record it!. Then Bart Busschots is back with a great installment of Security Bits.

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Hi, this is Allison Sheridan of the NosillaCast Apple Podcast, hosted at, a technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Apple bias. Today is Saturday, June 1, 2019, and this is show number 734.

Steve and I are gearing up to go to AltConf in San Jose tomorrow, also known as the conference for people who couldn’t get into Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference. We’re super excited and hope to come back with tales of adventure and hopefully a few interviews with some developers. Steve bought me the Zoom H4n Pro (which I promise I’ll review soon). This is a hand-held recorder that is supposed to get great audio that records to an SD card. We’ll see how it works out.

Anyway, that’s why the show is a day early. Normally during live Apple events, the NosillaCastaways like to gather in our live chat room. Steve and I will be in a conference hall watching the event live, so we may be in the chat room with you, but no guarantees. Bart was promoted to hall monitor today so we will have some adult supervision in there if Kevin gets out of hand again.

If you haven’t been to the chat room, just head over to and you’ll be walked through how to create a login to the Discord service. You can chat right there in the browser or you can install the Discord app on just about any platform to use the native experience. Have fun whether we join in or not!

Chit Chat Across the Pond

You may notice that my contributions to the NosillaCast during weeks that we have a Security Bits have been a bit shorter than usual, and I completely blame Bart. You see, we record Security Bits and Programming By Stealth on the same weekend, which means my homework for class is due the same week. It works out though because you get a nice meaty show because of Security Bits.

I’m not complaining either. I’ve been having so much fun with my homework these last few weeks that I’ve done little else around the house. Even Tesla has had her walks shortened because I’m obsessed with my coding progress. That’s a long way of saying that Chit Chat Across the Pond this week was a Programming By Stealth episode.

Bart has been promising to teach us about Promises for ages now and he finally fulfills his promise by explaining thenables. Promises are a tool to get us out of “callback hell”, which we experienced a while back. I think he made us suffer through that so we’d appreciate Promises. In this episode he shows us the beauty and elegance of the concept but leaves us wanting more. Bart spent a lot of time trying to get the shownotes and his narrative to take this rather abstract concept and make it concrete, and I think he did a grand job of it.

I told him afterward that this was one of those episodes where I grinned from ear to ear throughout the lesson because I enjoyed it so much. You can find this episode under Programming By Stealth in your podcatcher of choice or under Chit Chat Across the Pond. And of course you can also listen right at…

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Write by Hand When You Need to Think

This segment will air next week: Tesla Tech – How to Get Your Tesla Repaired After an Accident

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I’ve been using Amazon Affiliate Links to help fund the show for a long time. It’s easy for you to support what we do here by simply using the links for things I talk about in the show and on the blog. A small percentage of what you spend comes right back to help me out. For a long time, if you were from another country, I may have had a specific URL for you to use to give me credit if you bought on Amazon, but it was pretty hard for you to use. Now for at least Canada, the UK and Germany, if you click on any of the Amazon links I put in the shownotes, they won’t take you to the US store, they’ll now take you to your own store. It’s frictionless for you now so I hope you’ll give it a try.

I do have it on my radar to add more countries now that this is working so swimmingly. If you would like me to put your country near the top of the list of ones to add, please be sure to let me know!

Security Bits – 1 June 2019

That’s going to wind this up for this week. Don’t forget to send in your Dumb Questions, comments and suggestions by emailing me at [email protected], follow me on twitter @podfeet.  Remember, everything good starts with,,!  And if you want to join in the fun of the live show, head on over to on Sunday nights at 5pm Pacific Time and join the friendly and enthusiastic NosillaCastaways.   Thanks for listening, and stay subscribed.

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