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CCATP #627 Robin Christopherson on Advancements in Tech for Accessibility

This week we’re joined by Robin Christopherson. Robin is the host of the Alexa skills podcast Dot to Dot and he’s co-host of the weekly Tech Talk show from the Royal National Institute of Blind People. Robin is also Head of Digital Inclusion and part of the globally-acclaimed accessibility and tech team of AbilityNet and has spoken at numerous events in recent years. Oh yeah, he’s also blind.

Robin tells us about how the advancements in technology have made such a huge difference in the lives of people with disabilities. He also explains that in the US at least, people with disabilities refer to TABs, or the Temporarily Able Bodied. He talks about th ework AbilityNet is doing in the UK to try to get accountability for companies that don’t comply with the laws around accessibility.

He suggested an interesting (and funny in a British uncomfortable comedy kind of way) video about Diversish:

He’s funny and fun even though we’re obviously talking about a subject near and dear to his heart. You can follow Robin at his very odd Twitter handle, @usa2day.

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