Plugable Dock showing ports on front and back side

CES 2020: Plugable Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station

Allison Sheridan interviews Bernie Thompson, founder of Plugable Technologies, about their new Thunderbolt 3 docking station. Bernie describes how there is confusion with users regarding the capabilities of USB-C vs. Thunderbolt 3 as well as HDMI vs. Display Port. To resolve that ambiguity, Plugable has designed a dock that supports all of these capabilities. The front side of this dock has Micro SD and SD card ports, two 10 Gps USB 3 ports, and an Audio In/Out jack. On the back, there are five 5 Gps USB 3 ports, two HDMI ports, two Display Ports and a Thunderbolt connector to the Mac for 100W Power Delivery and data. The setting is Pepcom’s Digital Experience at CES at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.
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