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Keep All Your Apps Up to Date with MacUpdater – Joe LaGreca

Listener and friend Joe LaGreca contacted me to suggest we have a discussion on the NosillaCast about a tool he relies on called MacUpdater. This app’s job is to show you all of the apps you need to update on your Mac, and if possible to run the updates for you with a click of a button.

For this discussion, which will air on NosillaCast #812 on 29 November 2020, he wrote up an outline with some things he wanted to remember to chat with me about. This is not intended as a transcript of our conversation but I wanted you to have the outline for reference.

If you want to chat with Joe about this app or anything else, you can email [email protected].

  • Barts tagline: “Stay patched and stay secured”,
    • But how are you doing that?
      • OS updates are GREAT, but what about your apps?
  • MacUpdater (with an R) NOT MacUpdate
    • MacUpdate is a subscription, and an expensive one
      • $20/6 months or $40/year
    • MacUpdater (the one Joe recommends)
  • Developer is VERY responsive
  • Can scan your applications daily and notify you of available updates
    • Joe sets his to launch at login and scan all of my apps every day.
      • On daily scan, you get badge number in the taskbar showing the number of apps that need to be updated.
  • Some apps can be easily updated by simply clicking the update button
    • Other apps that have their own installers can’t be directly updated, but will have their installers launched by MacUpdater. (Example, Backblaze)
    • Can show or hide your Mac App Store apps
  • Improvements Joe would like to see:
    • No update ALL button
      • Wrote developer on 12/2019 regarding command line interface. He said others were also interested and they were working on it. He wrote back in 3/2020 to let me know now has a CLI client, which could trigger an update all
        • /Applications/ –update
      • In response to my suggestion for an update all in the app, the developer wrote back “Not ready to go into specifics yet, but we are looking at ways to improve that part of the experience. I think you’ll like it!”

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