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CCATP #666 – Bart Busschots on PBS 109 of X — SemVar & Structured Commits

We continue our mini-series within a series learning the version control system Git. We learn two methods to enhance our branching strategy. First, we’ll walk through some basic principles on how to number our released versions of our code. From there we’ll explore three types of changes that would cause a change in our release version: fixes, new features, and breaking changes. Each of these types of updates to the version of our code can be articulated with Semantic Versioning, also known as SemVer. This numbering convention informs users of our code on the meaning of each release. Finally, we marry these concepts by creating meaningful commit messages using another convention called Conventional Commits. Not only can a user of our code see at a glance what happened in a specific commit, documentation can be auto-formatted to explain the commits.

There’s not a lot of hands-on in this lesson but as a structured person, I really appreciate these conventions and why they’re important.

You can find Bart’s tutorial shownotes at pbs.bartificer.net/…

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