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Security Bits — 6 December 2020

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  • 🇺🇸 The FTC are warning that there is an ongoing phishing campaign targeting Americans where the scammers pretend to be from Apple or Amazon support and claim to be calling about problems with users accounts, or with recent purchases —…
  • Security researchers at vpnMentor found an exposed database of Spotify user accounts. The most likely source for this database was password re-use. The researchers worked with Spotify to help secure affected users, but the danger of targeted phishing remains. It’s a timely reminder not to re-use passwords, and to enable 2FA when you can —…
  • An investigation by CyberNews found that Walmart-exclusive Jetstream routers and cheap Wavlink routers sold on Amazon & eBay contain backdoors that are being actively exploited and are unsafe to use. The Chinese manufacturers were told of the problems in February and have yet to respond —…

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  • From Allison: 🎧 The Clear+Vivid podcast with Alan Alda —…. So far Allison particularly liked:
    • Kip Thorn explaining gravity waves
    • Marlo Thomas and Phil Donohue about the secrets to a happy marriage
    • Clara Sousa-Silva on how the possible discovery of phosphine on Venus may be an indicator of life
    • Alan Zweibel on how to make funny people funnier


When the textual description of a link is part of the link it is the title of the page being linked to, when the text describing a link is not part of the link it is a description written by Bart.

Emoji Meaning
🎧 A link to audio content, probably a podcast.
A call to action.
flag The story is particularly relevant to people living in a specific country, or, the organisation the story is about is affiliated with the government of a specific country.
📊 A link to graphical content, probably a chart, graph, or diagram.
🧯 A story that has been over-hyped in the media, or, “no need to light your hair on fire” 🙂
💵 A link to an article behind a paywall.
📌 A pinned story, i.e. one to keep an eye on that’s likely to develop into something significant in the future.
🎩 A tip of the hat to thank a member of the community for bringing the story to our attention.

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