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Screenium iconTwo weeks ago I told you about an incredibly powerful and yet surprisingly inexpensive screencasting app called Screenium. I walked you through the features to explain the capabilities, but I also explained that this tool is far too powerful to explain in text how to make a screencast with Screenium. I told you that in short order, the first of two video tutorials would be posted to the subscription-based tutorial service ScreenCastsOnline.

The first tutorial, entitled Screenium 3 Basics is now published on ScreenCastsOnline. After watching the Basics tutorial you’ll understand how to configure things like your camera and microphones, and how to record your Mac’s screen and your iOS device. You’ll know how to create compositions and work with the timeline editor to split tracks, add transitions, add chapter marks and execute other non-destructive editing and how to export your masterpiece.

The even better news is that since I was already on a roll with Screenium and had mind mapped most of the application already, I started working on the Advanced tutorial for Screenium as soon as I was done with the Basics. The Advanced tutorial is in the ScreenCastsOnline pipeline to come out in just two weeks, barring any unforeseen changes to the schedule.

I’m very proud of these two tutorials. Screenium is a great tool but much of the interface is unusual so it took a lot of work to learn the tool well and to understand the intricacies. That’s the real value add of ScreenCastsOnline tutorials. If you’re not already a member, you can get a free 7-day trial, but remember that you have a good chance of getting hooked on the service because you get access to the entire back catalog.

Another option is to subscribe to the ScreenCastsOnline magazine, which gives you articles by tech luminaries as well as all of the video tutorials for the month. You have to wait a bit longer to get the tutorials but it’s a really great way to consume the ScreenCastsOnline goodness. Oh, and if you do subscribe to the video service, you get the magazine along with it for no extra cost.

Teaser Video for Screenium 3 Basics

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