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CCATP #682 – Doc Rock on Apple Spring Loaded Event

This week’s guest is Doc Rock to talk about the Apple Spring Loaded Event. Doc’s background in all things Apple as well as high-end live video makes him the perfect person to talk about this event. He explains to me how this color calibration of our TVs using our iPhones and an Apple TV will work, we talk about whether the cool colors of the iMacs might be a distraction to photographers, how the coolest thing that got nearly zero air time was having Ethernet over a MagSafe connector, how much we’ll all want the new keyboard with Touch ID but how it will only work with M1 Macs, and Doc tries to convince me that I need a 1TB 12.9″ iPad Pro.

The discussion is not a linear walk through the event, but more of a meandering talk about what interested us and to tell stories to each other. I had an absolute blast, and I can prove Doc had fun too because he suggested we get together after the next two Apple events this year. I think you’ll get a big kick out of this conversation.

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Everything good starts with!

During the conversation when we talked about the Mini LEDs of the new iPad Pro, I said I’d put a link in the shownotes to Tom Merritt’s Know a Little More episode about Mini LEDs.

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