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CCATP #693 – Bart Busschots on PBS 121 of X — Managing Dot Files and an Introduction to Chezmoi

As we’ve become nerdier while learning from Bart, we have started to add hidden configuration files to our Macs and PCs. On the Mac, these configuration files hidden by default by putting a dot in front of them, and hence they are called dot files. Maybe you’ve stored your ssh keys, or in our Git series you created a user-level gitconfig file, or perhaps you’ve installed VS Code or Sourcetree which also add hidden configuration files.

In this installment of Programming By Stealth, Bart explains the problem to be solved of how we manage these configuration files if we use multiple computers or migrate to a new computer or do a nuke and pave. He lays the groundwork for why he loves the dot file manager called Chezmoi from chezmoi.io.

The installment is a bit of a tease because after learning why we want to have a dot file management tool and why Bart favors Chezmoi for the job, he only lets us install it and run two commands before he says, “And next time we’ll start to use Chezmoi.”

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