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CCATP #705 – PBS 129 of X – ESLint with Guest Instructor Helma Van der Linden

Bart Busschots had a vision that certain things we would learn in Phase 2 of Programming By Stealth would be taught by guest lecturers. I thought he was bananas that this would work, but Helma Van der Linden, also known as Helma from the Netherlands stepped up to teach us about coding linters, and specifically ESLint.

In this installment she explains what linters are, and why they’re useful. Even though she’s not technically fond of them, she believes in linters because of what they can do for a coding team. Once she sells that idea, she walks us through how to install ESLint inside the development environment VSCode. From there she explains style guides, and shows us how to install and use the very popular airbnb style guide. She gives us tips on usage and even how to override the linter’s demands.

I think it was incredibly courageous to fill Bart’s shoes, and she did a fantastic job both in the podcast and in the detailed written show notes over at bartificer.net

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