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CCATP #755 — Bart Busschots on PBS 142 — The XKPasswdJS Project Kickoff!

In this week’s installment of Programming By Stealth, Bart officially kicks off the XKPasswdJS project. This is what we’ve all been waiting for! As I said to Bart at the end of our recording, we’re no longer fixing to make a plan, we have a plan. The shownotes for this episode point to the README file for the GitHub project.

Bart explains n the podcast that we’ll have a project skeleton phase where Bart will define the code that has to be ported from Perl to JavaScript, and he’ll build the guidelines that will help us work as a team of contributors. This means things like a style guide, automated scripts to build the project, and configuration files for the tooling.

He has a vision that we’ll work on the direct port next, with no enhancements and I tried to get him to take a dollar bet on whether that goal will be achieved, but he didn’t fall for it. After that, we’ll go into maintenance mode.

It’s a fun episode because we’re finally moving forward after learning all of the tools we’ll need to make the project a success!

You can find Bart’s shownotes that point to the README at pbs.bartificer.net.

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Read an unedited, auto-generated transcript: CCATP_2022_12_10

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