3 thoughts on “Tiny Tip — Rid Yourself of Google Sign-In Popup

  1. GeorgeFromTulsa - January 15, 2023

    I get the log in with Google popup while browsing Twitter on Firefox (Android). It started appearing after MuskMelon acquisition and I presume is part of a goal to better identify users and microtarget advertising and “suggested” Tweets.

    I tried the Google setting change which was ineffective. This implies the annoying popups are initiatd by Twitter. I’ve recently started receiving a fresh set of Twitter annoyances: repeated part page blocking popups “Turn on Notifications.”

    What has (mostly) worked is uBlock Origin and its handy element zapper. Often that also works to disable those annoying roll ups that cover content unless a viewer logs in and/or pays.

    FWIW I don’t have Twitter account and therefore can’t log in.

    Sadly, Apple does not allow uBlock Origin on iOS or in any version of Safari.

    It’s possible to install the uBlock extension on the Mac versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium. A little time learning how to set it up will reward you with much more enjoyable ad and annoyance reduced internet.

    I find it seems to work best with Firefox and plays well with the Firefox privacy protecting “Containers” extension.


    My.luck posting URLs here hasn’t been good so I recommend finding ublock tutorials through a search engine. There’s a variety of useful ones including some on YouTube where once set up you’ll see fewer – maybe even no – ads.

  2. Jay - January 21, 2023

    I’m seldom logged into my Google account, but still get the sign in popups. So I signed in and made sure the sign in prompts was toggled off and signed out of my Google account. And……….I still get the annoying sign in with Google popups. I really wish someone would come up with a way to get rid of them. I use AdBlockPlus and can use the “block element”, but that only gets rid of the current popup for only that one time. The next time you go to that site, the popup appears again. Someone please figure out a way to stop this popup! Even if it involves getting rid of Google!

  3. podfeet - March 9, 2023

    Jay – sorry for the delayed reply – WordPress has decided I don’t want notifications of comments so I just went back and found yours.

    If you sign out of your Google account, I don’t think the site can tell that you’ve told it you don’t want to be offered Sign in with Google. It can only know you’ve made that choice if you’re signed in.

    I’ve started getting them again and I need to go pay attention to whether I’m signed in when that happens.

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