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CCATP #760 — Rod Simmons on Migrating from LastPass to 1Password

In this week’s episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond Lite, Rod Simmons of the SMR Podcast and BBQ and Tech joins me to talk about password managers. After the recent breaches and more importantly breaches of trust from LastPass, Rod migrated over to 1Password and changed all 400 of his passwords.

We talk through what LastPass did wrong, and what Rod appreciates about 1Password and misses about LastPass. I found it a really interesting conversation about UI design, trust, and what makes an app feel right.

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Read an unedited, auto-generated transcript: CCATP_2023_03_01

Rod mentioned Okta’s annual report on business tools:…

LastPass’s final report:…

1Password forum on merging accounts into a family:…

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