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Security Bits — 13 August 2023

Deep Dive — Have-I-Been-Pwnd Domain Search Revamped

This is very much glass-half-empty-glass-half-full news. On the one hand, domain searches and domain monitoring have gotten way easier (you had to re-validate your domain for each search before), on the other hand, it’s now a subscription service, but with a generous free tier.

What this feature has always allowed you to do is to search the entire HIBP database of breaches for all records related to email addresses on your domains, and, to set up automated alerts for when an address on your domain shows up in a newly added breach. The new system gives this same functionality but adds an improved API for integrating the searches into other systems or scripts.

An API existed before, but you’ve needed to pay for that for some time now. This new system integrates it all into one account.

With this new system, you use an email address to create a Domain Dashboard (Domain search on the site menu), then you add one or more domains to that dashboard. Authentication is via email loop, so you don’t set a password.

Once you’re on your dashboard you can add domains to search/monitor. You obviously have to verify your ownership of the domain which you can do in one of four ways:

  1. With a link emailed to one of the special reserved addresses on the domain (hostmaster@domain etc.).
  2. By adding a special <meta> tag to the website hosted on your domain.
  3. By uploading a special text file to the root of your domain.
  4. By setting a special DNS TXT record at the top level of your domain (my preferred method, same as used for iCloud/Google Apps/Office365 domain validation).

Your subscription tier depends on the number of compromised accounts across all the domains you add, and the free tier is up to 10. Any Nosillacastaways who own their own domain should consider setting this up IMO.

I set up two dashboards this morning, one for my personal domains, and one for my business domains, and I had them both set up with a total of 8 verified domains in less than half an hour!


❗ Action Alerts

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  • NightOwl App (used to auto-switch light/dark modes in macOS) was purchased and changed terms of service to put your device into a botnet with no opt out. Apple has since revoked the developer certificate.…

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  • A double from Bart:
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  • Another podcast recommendation from Bart – A fascinating interview with the open source advocate lawyer who helped save Ed Sheeran in a recent law suit. The music stuff is cool, but the AI stuff later in the interview literally changed my opinions on AI ingesting published works and Microsoft’s Copilot ingesting GitHub: [FLOSS Weekly 744: A Chill Pirate Lawyer – Damien Riehl, Open Source and Legal Rights —…] (
    • If you don’t believe there are only so many melodies, listen to Pachebel Rant:…


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