4 thoughts on “Passkeys Email to Friends and Family

  1. Anonymous - November 4, 2023

    That’s a great private service awareness email you will be sending.

    What happens if you toss your cookies on a regular basis? Do the Passkeys also get removed?

  2. podfeet - November 4, 2023

    Good question, Niraj. Passkeys are not stored in browser cookies, so feel free to toss them at will. Your passkeys will be stored in your authenticator app or your OS’s tools. For example, on a Mac or iOS, you can have iCloud Keychain store them, or 1Password.

  3. Trevor Drover - November 4, 2023

    As always Allison, beautifully and succinctly written.

    As you’ve offered, I’m going “steal” this message as an article for my Apple User Group Newsletter, giving you full credit with links to your website.

    The average age of our members would be late seventies – they are fortunately cautious about scams – we’ve drummed that message into them over the years. A replacement for passwords would be high on everyone’s wish lists.

  4. podfeet - November 4, 2023

    Hey Trevor – I didn’t even think of it for user groups, that’s a great idea! Also, thanks for your kind words. I’m not sure I’m always “succinct” but I’ll thank you anyway.

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