CES 2017: Whistle GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

Allison interviews Heather Wajer from Whistle about their new GPS pet tracker and activity monitor device. Whistle is a small device that fits on your pet’s collar and is both GPS and cell enabled. Using the device coupled with the Whistle mobile app, you can track your pet’s location and monitor their activity from any location. You can also set up a Whistle zone by choosing your home or other safe area and receive an alert whenever your pet leaves that area so you can begin tracking them on the Whistle map. The setting is the Pepcom Digital Experience show floor in Las Vegas.

Learn more at http://whistle.com

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CES 2017: Willow Wearable Breast Pump

Allison interviews Kristy Burns from Willow about their innovative breast pump. Willow is the only wearable breast pump that fits in your bra, moves with you, and is easy to take with you. Willow tucks inside your bra and works quietly while you go about your day, allowing you to pump without the need for a private place. The pump’s smart design is augmented by Willow’s milk-tracking app. The Willow breast pump will be available in the spring of 2017. The setting is the Pepcom Digital Experience show floor.

Learn more at http://willowpump.com

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CES 2017: Faraday Future FF91 Electric Vehicle

Allison and I got an up-close view of Faraday’s FF91 through one of the engineers who helped designed the car. The FF91 was unveiled at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Here’s a short video of some exterior views of the FF91 and below are some of the car’s specs:

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FF91 Specs
Combined Motor Output: 1,050 HP
Torque: 1,328 ft-lb
0-60 mph: 2.39 sec
Expected Range: 378 miles
Battery Capacity: 130 kWh
Max Charge Rate: 500 miles/hour
Drag Coefficient: 0.25
Interior Volume: 151 cubic feet
Length: 206.7″
Wheelbase: 126″
Width: 89.9″
Height: 62.9″
Sensors: 3D retractable LIDAR, 10 HD cameras, 13 long and short range radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors
Expected Production: 2018

CES 2017: iDevices Wireless Instant Switch

Allison interviews Sierra Coughlin from iDevices about their range of new home automation products. Sierra focuses on the Instant Switch which is a bluetooth remote light switch. The Instant Switch wirelessly controls any existing iDevices switched product and is HomeKit compatible. The setting is the CES Unveiled show floor.

Learn more at http://idevicesinc.com

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CES 2017: Elgato Eve Wireless Sensors and Controllers

Allison interviews Christopher Neal from Elgato about their Eve series of wireless indoor and outdoor sensors and controllers. These devices include window/door sensing, motion sensing, indoor and outdoor environmental sensing/control and irrigation sensing/control. All Eve devices can be monitored and controlled though the iOS Eve app. Elgato Eve devices are HomeKit enabled and they interoperate with hubs and products from other companies. The setting is the CES Conference show floor.

Learn more at http://elgato.com

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CES 2017: Satechi Accessories Matched to Apple Products

Allison interviews Alan Jacobson from Satechi about a range of products all matched to the colors and finishes of Apple’s MacBook, MacBook Pro and iPhone. Alan described a power strip, dock, headphones, headphone stand, Apple Watch charging stand, numeric keypad, mousepad, laptop stand, USB-C disk enclosure, magnetic phone mount and bluetooth presenter, all offered in aluminum, space gray, gold and rose gold colors. The setting is the CES Conference show floor.

Learn more at http://satechi.net

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CES 2017: Synology Network Attached Data Storage

Allison interviews Brad Kaminski from Synology about their new Disk Station network attached storage systems. Synology offers a various Disk Station hardware solutions with increasing levels of storage. Synology’s Disk Storage Manager controls the hardware, is browser based and runs on any operating system. Synology’s software is not proprietary and supports disks of all sizes in a single enclosure to maximize use of your available hard drives. Synology’s support is valid through the lifetime of the product at no cost to the user. The setting is the CES Conference show floor.

Learn more at http://synology.com

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CES 2017: Kwikset Premis HomeKit Smart Lock

Allison interviews Ashton Good from Kwikset about their new Premis line of smart locks for home use. Premis smart locks have a capacitive touchscreen and allow you to control and monitor lock status from anywhere using the Premis iOS app and an Apple TV. Premis locks are HomeKit compatible and use Apple’s approved end-to-end encryption to ensure security. The setting is the CES Conference show floor.

Learn more at kwikset.com

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