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#508 Clarify-Like iOS App, Phone Number on Your Lock Screen, When Cables Go Bad, Taming the Terminal Part 28 – Network Troubleshooting

I attempt to give you a way to grasp the enormity of the Apple earnings. Listen to the Live NosillaCast on your Roku, AppleTV, Windows Phone and more by clicking on Help over at In Dumb Question Corner, I attempt to find a tolerable answer to James Staple’s question from Twitter: is there a […]

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#506 Preview Reduce File Size, Tobii, Black Box Biometrics, AmpStrip, Synaptics, Taming the Terminal Part 27b of n DNS

A better way to reduce file size in Preview with a tutorial at Interviews from CES: Tobii from with assistive technology for people with communication an mobility disabilities, Black Box Biometrics shows us the Linx Impact Assessment to track head impacts in youth sports from, the AmpStrip heart sensor from Fitlinxx learn […]

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#494 ChromeSafe, Partial Solar Eclipse, ApplePay, Unprotected WiFi, Taming the Terminal Part 23a Networks

How to protect Chrome on OS X from POODLE vulnerability using Dorothy’s Tutorial. Capturing imagery of a partial solar eclipse – Steve’s video, my photo. A little rocky trying to use ApplePay for the first time, but it worked in the end. Unprotected wifi fun thanks to Andy sending in the link to and […]

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#487 Roker Sound Cube Bluetooth Speaker, How to Turn off Facebook Auto-Play Videos, Find Command in Taming the Terminal

Correction from Security Lite last week – it was UPS not USPS that got compromised. My AppleTV continues to fail…sort of. Donald Burr reviews the $23 Roker®Sound Cube Portable Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker and gives it a thumbs up. I created a tutorial on how to turn OFF auto-play on Facebook videos. In Dumb Question […]

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#480 Fixing WordPress Using phpMyAdmin, PiCAT Cat Painting Program, Normal Person Upgrades Office, Taming the Terminal Part 19

First I’m going to tell you how I made fire, or how I fixed Pat’s WordPress installation (instructions at instructions over at Then Dorothy tells us about PiCAT, an iPad app to let your cat paint from the App Store. Next up I talk to Linda Decker, aka NYLinda, aka “normal person” on the […]

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#472 Password Management, Surface Pro 3 vs Macbook Air, Screencasting with Screenflow, SwitchResX, Taming the Terminal Part 18b Regular Expressions

Ralph gives me some great advice on how to approach password management for unsophisticated users. I ask the question why Microsoft would choose to compare the Surface Pro 3 to the 13″ Macbook Air. Fun challenges with learning to screencast using Screenflow on the Mac, using SwitchResX from as I work with Home Inventory […]

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#470 OneNote, 1Password vs LastPass for Unsophisticated Users, Belkin and iLuv Headphone Adapters, Taming the Terminal Part 18a of n

9 year anniversary of the NosillaCast, Cloak Giveaway complete, should unsophisticated users be pointed to 1Password or LastPass? Can OneNote from Microsoft replace Evernote? Add Apple Remote Functions to any headphones with the Belkin Headphone Adapter with Remote for Apple iPod shuffle, and the iLuv iPod Remote with 3rd-Party Headphone Adapter, or Scoche. In Chit […]

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