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Security Bits – Facebook Token Hack, Bloomberg Amazon & Apple Servers & China, Facebook Uses 2FA Numbers for Advertising

Security Bits – 5 October 2018 Followups 🇺🇸 The CA IoT security law discussed previously has been signed into law —… Google have announced plans to further limit what browser plugins can do in an attempt to crack down on the explosion in plugin-based malware we talked about last time —… &…

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NC #567 Two-Factor Authentication Clarified, Diagnosing a Failing 2.4GHz Network, Podfeet Redirects, Security Bits

We’ll start with a clarification from Bart on how this two-factor authorization works. Then we’ll have fun with redirects as I explain that there’s a podfeet url for whatever you want. I’ll tell you about our amazing adventure trying to figure out what was killing just our 2.4GHz wifi network. In Security Bits, Bart will […]

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