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Subscription Models for Software – More Profit and Better Software?

Software rent vs buyOne of my favorite podcasts is Bart Busschots’s Let’s Talk Photography show. He often has a panel of guests on to talk about photography techniques, but he also has shows that are just Bart teaching on a subject or simply musing. I like the panel episodes and I love the Bart-only shows.

In Episode 45 entitled “Thoughts on Software” he walks through some thoughts on choosing photo image editing software. He doesn’t compare features so his advice could really apply to any software you use, not just photography software. I want you to go listen to his show (at…) but I also want to talk about what he said and perhaps provide another viewpoint. Ideally you’ll stop listening/reading me now and go listen to Bart and come back. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

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NC #562 AppleCare, Robo 3D, Ember, MyScript Stylus, Belty, Urbanears, Hydrao

We get to listen to three more CES Interviews: Robo 3D Printers – a company with a social conscience, Ember Smart Mug to keep your liquids hot (or cold) and Hydrao Smart Shower Head that hopes to gamify your water usage. I mix into that an interesting story about how Dorothy almost lost $300 worth of music from iTunes but employing the “if you don’t like what Mom says, ask Dad” strategy she got all of her music back. I also do a review of the awesome MyScript Stylus “keyboard” for iOS that does on-the-fly OCR as you write by hand with a stylus or Apple Pencil. We also have a quick conversation with Bart Busschots from about the bruhaha that broke just recently when Adobe’s Creative Cloud installer broke Backblaze backup software.

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