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CES 2018: Fortem TrueView Radar for Drones

I interview Timothy Bean from Fortem Technologies about their new, compact radar designed for use on drones. The TrueView radar is lightweight (< 1.5 lbs), draws little power (37 W) and enables beyond visual line-of-sight autonomy for drones. This radar allows the drone operator to quickly and easily detect objects from the air at long range to avoid manned aircraft or other non-cooperative objects such as birds or other drones. Optional modules allow for complete end-to-end integration for tracking, classification, command and control, and pre-integrated autopilots. Using TrueView-equipped drones, companies can provide safe and cost-effective package delivery services, large infrastructure inspections, border patrols, etc. Once federal laws are modified, a drone equipped with the TrueView radar and a net gun can be used to locate and take down other drones flying in unauthorized areas. The setting is Pepcom at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Learn more at

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On Self-Driving Cars and Illusory Superiority

Tesla model sNow that Uber revealed their first self-driving car, and we’ve got Google and Volvo and Tesla and probably Apple working on self-driving cars, I’d like to move from ride sharing/hailing to the self-driving car discussion. This is another one of those conversations that I stomp around the house having opinions about but have never written them up or really talked publicly about how I see this evolving.

The part of the self-driving car evolution that interests me most is the human reaction to the idea. The technology will arrive much faster than our ability to accept giving up control of our cars, and certainly well in advance of the legislation. Let’s talk about why that is.
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