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NC #680 Keep It, Backblaze B2, Airtable, Security Bits

There won’t be a live show next week, and the NosillaCast will be out on Tuesday instead of Sunday (sorry guys). Check out the tutorial I did on Keep It for ScreenCasts Online at We’ve got another of Steve’s videos from NAB, this time from Backblaze about their B2 cloud storage. Then I’ll tell you how using Airtable from might help me finally wrap my brain around databases as I attempt to manage my bathroom remodel with it. Bart Busschots is with us for another fine edition of Security Bits about Efail, protection of the 4th Amendment, Glitch & ThrowHammer as well as Black Dot & Text-Bomb.

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Manage All of Your Cloud Storage with CloudMounter

CloudMounter with four virtual drivesI’ve recently come across an interesting service called CloudMounter. CloudMounter is designed to help manage the plethora of cloud storage services we’re all using today. I’ll dig into more of the specifics of the problems it solves as I go through the review.

If you’ve taken a look at CloudMounter in the past and didn’t see the value of it, stick with me. When I first looked at it, I didn’t think it was for me either, but luckily my contact at Eltima, the makers of CloudMounter, wouldn’t let me walk away until he was sure I understood what it could do. I’m sure glad he did because I do think this is a very valuable service. You may also have walked away because you didn’t like their pricing model, but that has changed recently with version 3.0 so it’s worth taking another look.

Let’s walk through the different problems CloudMounter solves.
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Simultaneous Onsite-Offsite Backups with Amazon Duet from Seagate

Seagate for amazon driveWith Time Machine on the Mac and File History for Windows, it’s pretty easy to just plug in a drive and the OS does the rest to keep you backed up locally. They’ve pretty much gotten rid of all the excuses not to do a local backup. We’ve also got offsite backup services like CrashPlan and Backblaze that work without us thinking about them.

For nerdballs like us, we could leave it at that, but we go out of our way to complicate things. If you’re like me, you have stuff stashed away on Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, OneDrive … the list seems endless. I can’t tell you how much time I waste poking around in the different services trying to remember where I put something.

We can also talk about your Uncle Elroy. He knows he should do backups, but he hasn’t quite gotten around to it. You hesitate to even suggest that he should do offsite backups; that would blow his head off. But you also know he’s the one with the family archives on his computer. Continue reading “Simultaneous Onsite-Offsite Backups with Amazon Duet from Seagate”

IRCcloud Keeps You Logged In Across Devices

Irccloud mobileFor the first time, I’m giving you a joint review between me and a listener, Joe LaGreca. You may remember Joe from his great review of the application Wire for secure messaging and before that he’s the one who told us about Authy. This week Joe showed me a cool service called IRCcloud, and we did a bunch of experimenting with it together. He explained the benefits to me and why he went looking for a solution in the first place (a problem to be solved).

After a while I suggested he do a review, but he was hesitant. That’s when we got the idea to collaborate on the review. Joe started an outline in a Google doc and I added some questions and additional observations, and moved things around to get it to flow better. So Joe gets credit for the majority of the content, while I made it into the blog post and podcast segment. I’ll let you decide whether this collaboration was a success!

The Problem to be Solved

Let’s start with the problem Joe wanted to solve. Continue reading “IRCcloud Keeps You Logged In Across Devices”

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