NC #565 Judiciary Hearing FBI vs Apple, Nuke and Pave vs OmniDiskSweeper, Security Bits

I watched the entire five hours of the Judiciary Committee Hearings in the case of the FBI vs. Apple, so you didn’t have to. I think you’ll like what you hear, it’s actually optimistic about our government officials. Next up I’ll tell you how I did not do a nuke and pave, and why you should do what I say, not what I do. Then we’ll have a monster Security Bits with Bart Busschots.

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Nuke and Pave or Do it the Hard Way?

Office Space guys beating up a computer
Image courtesy of Bethany Erskine

In our Google Plus community over at, Tracey Baucells posted a problem with her main account on her Mac. For some unknown reason, on boot up, her account would freeze on the desktop picture. She did a TON of super geeky diagnostics and in the end (using Terminal fu) she was able to fix her account. I love that she was able to solve it because she was so technically savvy, like many NosillaCastaways.

I bring this story up to illustrate the wisdom of a different path. She went through all of this work so that she wouldn’t have to do a nuke and pave. For those who haven’t heard the term before, a nuke and pave means to make backup copies of your drive, erase the entire disk inside your machine and then reinstall the operating system. Finally pull back your data but not all of your settings, instead setting up things one by one, installing apps one by one until you get it all working.

She said in her notes that she’d has this account since 2007 and had only switched out one Mac in all that time back in 2010. I tried to encourage her to do a nuke and pave, but because she’s so skilled she was able to avoid that path. Continue reading “Nuke and Pave or Do it the Hard Way?”

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