CCATP #460 Shelly Brisbin on Self-Publishing

We’re joined by Shelly Brisbin, author of the book iOS Access for All and host of The Parallel Podcast. As she’s written more than a dozen tech books, I asked her to come on the show to explain how she creates her books, what tools she uses, and how she migrated from using an agent and a big publishing house to doing self publishing. It’s a really fun episode because while you’d think creating a book is all about writing, Shelly gets into how she uses TextWrangler and writes her own Cascading Style Sheets to create her books.

You can find Shelly on Twitter @shelly and you can find her book at…, and The Parallels Podcast at….

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Links to things Shelly mentioned in the show:

Wisdom of Crowds Finds CotEditor

CotEditor logoI’m sure you’ve heard me mention a few hundred times that we have a fabulous Google Plus community at and an equally interesting Facebook group at We have both so you get to choose where you want to play.

There’s so many reasons to love these communities, not the least of which for me is that you guys can go in there and solve each others’ problems. I love to help people but having more people answering questions is always better. The other thing that’s great is that sometimes someone asks a question (dumb or otherwise) and we discover that lots of us had the same question.

Let me give you a great example from this week. Allister Jenks posted this question:
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