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Forerunners of the iPhone by Allister Jenks

A colleague recently related a story to me which reminded me of the devices I had in my life which could be considered forerunners to the iPhone. I don’t mean in the sense of a phone – after all, that is one of the least used functions of my iPhone – but rather as a device for holding information that I can carry around with me.

Certainly some of my mobile phones fulfilled this role to an extent, but the devices I will recount now were dedicated to the task of capturing, storing, and divulging information on the go. You might think your smartphone took its cues from the world of hand written data, as iOS 6 and earlier tried to portray with skeuomorphic design, but in fact their forbears had already made this leap.

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CCATP #450 Chris Ashley

Chris Ashley in a suit jacket with a sunset behind himChris Ashley of the SMR Podcast joins us to talk about the Windows 10 Anniversary edition release, integration of Android with Windows, as well as the Ring Video Doorbell and the Bose Quiet Comfort QC35 wireless noise cancelling headphones. Chris turns the tables and asks my advice on whether his baby girl should get an iPod Touch or a Mac mini for her 7th birthday. If you haven’t heard Chris before I have to tell you it’s always a great time.

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