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NC #615 PAI, IPv6 and MAC Addresses, CMRA, Nag Companies About Security, Security Bits

I got to be on Clockwise again with Jason Snell, Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent. At CES, we interview Jessica Lane as she tells us about PAI Technologies interactive clay toys for kids and talk to CMRA about their camera band for the Apple Watch. I have a special Public Service Announcement urging everyone to nag companies if you see them doing things not as securely as you would hope. It features my father-in-law, who is my hero at pushing companies. Bart Busschots joins us for another scary episode of Security Bits.

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IPv6 Link Local Addresses – 64 or 48-bit MAC Addresses?

In last week’s Chit Chat Across the Pond, I asked Bart to come during his off season to explain IPv6 to us. After the show aired, Kevin Jones DM’d me on Twitter and DJ made a comment on the blog, both with the same correction. One of the rules of this episode was that Bart only had a few days to learn the background himself so it was expected there might be errors. As always though, Bart is weird in that he actually likes to be corrected. Seriously,

Anyway, they were both commenting on this statement:

In IPv6, the host part is always 64bits long. This is conveniently the length of a MAC address.

They both explained that MAC addresses as we are used to seeing them, are 48 bits, not 64 bits.

Now this is going to sound a bit like explaining the tax code but I hope you’ll bear with me because there are a couple of parts here I think are interesting. First of all, Bart wasn’t technically wrong, but DJ and Kevin are more specifically correct.

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CCATP #475 Bart Busschots Explains IPv6

World IPv6 launch badgeI made a deal with Bart when he started his two podcasts Let’s Talk Apple and Let’s Talk Photography that he would never have to be on more than every other week. But this week I tricked him by asking him if he’d come on and explain IPv6 to me. His first answer was that he didn’t understand it well enough to explain it. But of course Bart being Bart, that ear worm I so carefully placed caused him to go out and study it and now he’s here to explain it to us. And of course below you’ll find his excellent show notes.

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