Diamond Dog Tempered Glass Screen Protector – I’m a Believer

Allison Interviews Arun Karamcheti from Diamond Dog at CES 2020 At CES in January, I interviewed Arun Karamcheti from Diamond Dog, the company that makes the tempered glass screen protectors with patented DiamondClad™ Diamond-Like Carbon Coating Technology. I challenged Arun to convince me that I would like having any screen protector on my phone. The […]

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NC #620 Apple Watch Swimming, Standard Mac Apps, BrainPort Visualization Through the Tongue, eSight Low Vision Glasses, Non-tech Podcasts, GhostReader, BeatsX

Allister here standing in for Allison this week. I have a miniature review of using the Apple Watch Series 2 for swim workouts, I’ll quickly review 26 Mac Apps you didn’t know you already had, Allison will pop by with two more videos from the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, I’ll make some recommendations for podcasts […]

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