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CCATP #645 – Bart Busschots on Taming the Terminal 38 of n – TMUX (a Screen Alternative)

When Bart first started the Taming the Terminal series in October of 2015, he purposely declared every installment to be “of n” where n was not defined. It’s been 3 years since there was an episode of Taming the Terminal, but today we’ve got a new one for you. In Taming the Terminal 36, recorded in 2016, Bart introduced us to a nifty command-line tool called screen. Screen allowed you to ssh into a server, and start a session but disconnect and come back to it without stopping the processes you were running.

But in the last year, screen was deprecated by Red Hat Linux (which means it’s gone from the free CentOS version as well). The good news is that it was replaced with an even more powerful tool called tmux. In this installment, Bart walks us through just how tmux solves the same problem as screen, but teases us with the knowledge that this tool has much more to offer.

It was a super fun episode with lots of surprises (for me at least) and whether you followed along with the first 37 installments or not, I’m sure you’ll find it useful as well.

You can find Bart’s fabulous shownotes at bartbusschots.ie/….

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