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NC #682 Vectornator Pro, Tiny Tip to Dim Your Screen, Apple Heart Study, Security Bits

We’ll be in the live chatroom during the WWDC Keynote – join us! I also hope you’ll come to Macstock Expo in July, and to help it be more affordable use coupon code PODFEET. The free Vectornator Pro for iPad (and iPhone) is an amazing vector design program and I’ll tell you all about it. Rick from Baltimore brings us an amazing Tiny Tip about how he uses the Accessibility shortcuts on his iOS devices to both dim his screen at night and turn on the magnifier. Steve Sheridan tells us all about the Apple Health Study and why you might want to join it. In Security Bits, Bart Busschots tells us about VPNFilter in Security Medium, and then CallKit Removal in China, No Telegram Updates in App Store, End of Flash & Silverlight, Papua New Guinea Turns Off Facebook and much more.

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Free, Yet Powerful Vector-Design Program for iOS in Vectornator Pro

Vectornator on ios app storeYou have probably figured out by now that I’m not an artist. That doesn’t keep me from being interested in applications to create art and to appreciate those who use them well. I used to think all digital art was created using pixel-based drawing and painting apps. It turns out that amazing art can be created using vector design programs.

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CCATP #469 Allister Jenks on Affinity Designer

Allister jinx logo bezier curvesThis week we’re joined by Allister Jenks of the Sitting Duck Podcast. I tricked him into using Affinity Photo (and he loves it) so he turns the tables and convinces me to buy into Affinity Designer. He’ll explain the difference between pixel and vector editors, and why you’d want to use one tool over the other. We’ll talk Beziér curves and strokes and fills. He’ll talk about a few cool projects he’s worked on to learn to use the tools, including reproducing Ryan Sakamoto’s awesome Podfeet Logo.

Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are both available at… and are both available in the Mac App Store. He also mentions at the very end a little Mac app called Image Vectorizer. You can find Allister at….

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