NosillaCast 10/23/2005

This week I discussed various improvements to (can you spot them?), did a review of the open source audio tool Audacity, another review on the shareware RSS Feed creation tool, intermission was a movie review of David Duchovny’s movie “House of D”, and provided an extensive review of Todd Cochrane’s book “Podcasting Do-it-Yourself Guide”.

Listen to the Podcast – Time: 23 min 26 seconds

Today is November 23rd, 2005 and this is show #13.

Continuing improvements to

  • header is now clickable to home
  • formatting on the boxes on the right – Photoshop
  • subscribe buttons on “how to subscribe to NC”
  • iTunes
  • Odeo – chipmunk
  • Yahoo! – need yahoo login
  • still trying to figure out how to do stuff in WordPress
  • Audacity Review – freeware – Open

    • audio recording tool I use for recording NosillaCast
    • Cross platform – Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and
      other operating systems
    • record in proprietary format, export to MP3 or Ogg Vorbis or WAV
    • takes a fair amount of time to compress, maybe 10 minutes for a
      20 minute podcast
  • traditional buttons from the old tape recorder days
    • triangle for record, circle for stop record, two bars for
      pause, square for stop, FFW/FFR

                    audacity buttons

    • can float or dock this control bar (I leave alone)
  • easy to import audio and splice tracks together 
    • like Lascivious Biddies music I
      spliced in last week
  • mono or stereo (my voice is mono)
  • good controls for mic volume for input
  • Effects are extensive
  • Noise removal very useful
    • 10 second background noise test, then use as removal tool
    • Amplify if some parts quiet (like spliced in bits)
    • Fade in/Fade out – used on Lascivious Biddies
  • zoom in/ zoom out
    •  handy for precise editing
    • nice graphical view of the sound
    • audacity wave picture
  • clearly a lot I don’t know how to use – nice to have a tool to
    grow into.
  • Feeder Review – $29.95 US

    • creates RSS Feed which is what makes the NosillaCast magically
      come into iTunes and the other podcatching clients
    • creates the ID3 tags that tells players about the podcast – who
      created it, when it was posted, how long it is, even shownotes can be
      imbedded in the tags
    • creates mutant iTunes tags – duplications
    • stores all the separate enclosures (podcasts)
    • publishes to my website
    • don’t have to know xml coding at all – but I did it by hand for a
      while first just so I’d understand.  couldn’t figure out iTunes
      tags so I went with Adam Christianson’s advice from the MacCast and
      bought Feeder
    • lets me manage more than one feed – I use one for doing demos at
      work on podcasting without wrecking my real feed
    • scary if you click remove on a feed, it’s gone forever!
    feeder window

    Movie Review – House
    of D

    • Written & directed & acted by David Duchovny
    • story of a 13 year old boy in New York played by Anton Yelchin,
      mom played by Teá Leoni (Duchovny’s wife), best friend is Robin
      Williams who plays a retarded janitor.  Duchovny plays the boy
      when he’s grown.
    • one of those films that’s really sweet and happy and interesting
      for the beginning third, but you know it’s going to go bad. 
      Luckily it doesn’t go all that bad, or at least they didn’t pull MY
      heartstrings that much.  then of course it’s all happy at the
      end.  I like movies like that!
    • Anton Yelchin is an amazing young actor, he’s funny and
      interesting, and I hope we see him in a lot of movies in the future.
    • Duchovny is ok as an actor, but his direction on this is
      great.  Teá is mildly interesting, didn’t do that much for
      me in this movie.  Robin Williams is interesting, but I didn’t
      really buy him as a retarded man (they use that word throughout the
      movie, it’s supposed to be 1973.)
    • Over all interesting and enjoyable, kept my attention, made me
      happy at the end, rent it and enjoy!

    Movie Review – Out of Season

    • please don’t rent this movie, even Dennis Hopper being in it
      didn’t save it.  100% waste of time.

    Wonder how I got so good at podcasting? read a great book that taught
    me a lot.

    $20 US/$26 CAN/£13 UK

        by Todd Cochrane, creator of the podcast Geek News
    Central at

    • Todd was one of the very first podcasters (he celebrated his one
      year anniversary last week)
    • Podcasting so new – must have been hard to crank out a whole book
      on top of podcasting on top of a wife and two small children AND
    • recommend the book highly
    • very easy to read and follow, not too terribly techie
    • well organized and methodical
    • directions are clear and allow easy experimentation
    • too tempting to get started before finishing, e.g. told about
      how to pick a good ISP long after I’d picked one – luckily vizaweb met
      his requirements
    • understands everyone has a budget – gives solutions for
      low/medium/high spend
  • Book takes the reader from the very basis of podcasting (what it
    is, how to subscribe) all the way through publishing your own podcast
    show and even some tips on how to make money at it (I haven’t read that
    last chapter yet…)
  • After he explains what Podcasting IS, he gives alternatives for
    podcatcher software for Windows/Mac/Linux
    • I like how throughout the book he is operating system agnostic
  • Todd teaches several ways to subscribe to podcasts
    • takes through the directories (like iPodder) and how to get the
      files onto your MP3 player
  • Most useful part of the book was how to format your ‘cast
    • I’d lost energy, no focus/format
    • helped to organize thoughts
  • He goes into a lot of detail about how to do the recording
    • talks a lot about sound cards, but since I did on the
      Powerbook, wasn’t an issue
    • microphone and headsets
    • really important – I got lucky.  I have a full description
      on “My Favorite Gadets” page of my microphone headset – USB unit came
      with IBM’s Via Voice – voice recognition s/w I got when I broke my
      hand.  sound is pretty darn good (but I guess you’ll be the judge
      of that, how do I sound?)
    • recording software – he’s the one who turned me onto Audacity
    • he went into a lot on mixers and stuff like that – I didn’t get
      too much out of that part
    • I found his section on the recording process itself very helpfuL
    • how to configure Audacity to get good volume and reasonable
      file size
    • reducing noise in the recording
    • Naming conventions – I have completely mimicked his conventions
      – makes it alphabetical, reads well on a small MP3-player screen
  • Web hosting
    • excellent advice (even though I’d already picked my web host) –
      I recommend reading this section early rather than later, too tempting
      to get started!  again he gives advice on different sized
      audiences so the reader can find an appropriate host for budget and
  • Podcasting with a weblog
    • Next to Audacity, greatest advice was to use a blogger tool, in
      my case WordPress and you know how excited i’ve been about that. 
      makes it really easy
  • Creating the RSS
    • Already told you about Feeder – he recommended it after Adam
      Christianson and then Leo LaPorte recommended!
    • invaluable tool for a professional and easy to create podcast
  • Overall It’s a great book, very readable, well written, and above
    all completely practical
  • that’s it for the NosillaCast for today, thanks for listening and stay
    subscribed!  As always, feedback is welcome at [email protected]

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