NosillaCast 10/16/2005

Today I played the song “Famous” from the Lascivious Biddies, did NOT talk about the new iPod video, reviewed WordPress, talked about the Podcast Expo in November (I’m VERY excited about that), what wireless mouse did I buy for my son’s iBook?, reviewed another freeware ftp client, enhancements to, reviewed the movie “Crash”, talked about the Yahoo podcasting site, and a covered a little tech gossip.

Listen to the Podcast – Time: 21 min 47 seconds


The NosillaCast started today with music from The Lascivious Biddies –
the song is called “Famous” and you can buy the CD at
and the iTunes Music Store.  Many thanks to Lee Ann for letting me
use a snippet of the song.  I can’t get it out of my head lately
as I think about how much fun I’m having making the Nosillicast!

Note:  This is the only technology show this week which did NOT talk about the new video iPod or iTunes 6.

International listenership of NosilliCast continues to rise:

Countries Pages Hits Bandwidth
United States 2101 6530 701.9 MB
Canada 12 49 20.3 MB
Unknown 29 82 20.0 MB
Great Britain 3 17 3.6 MB
European Union 6 28 2.5 MB
Australia 10 66 1.4 MB
Hong Kong 34 34 1.0 MB
Netherlands 3 15 0.3 MB
Germany 1 7 0.2 MB
Japan 3 3 0.0 MB
Poland 1 1 0.0 MB
Total 2203 6832 751.2 MB

Gave a review of WordPress as I’ve been using it to create in a blog kind of way.

  • Makes posting new ‘casts easy (and blogging)
  • Posts vs. Pages – Posts are blog entries, dynamic in nature, and Pages are more like web pages which tend to be more static
  • Excellent documentation in a wiki style, plus forums are a font of intormation
  • Love how it makes archives automatically – I didn’t create the links on the right showing the archives by month
  • Themes allow the creator to change the look and feel at any time
    without recreating any of the content.  I used the Ocadia from theme while editing the files a bit to include the NosillaCast and podfeet logos
  • Haven’t figured out how to test changes yet, every single thing I do is on my live site…gotta be a draft section somewhere
  • You can now post a comment on podcast if you want to participate

I’m going to the Portable Media Expo and Podcasting Conference on November 11/12th and I’m really excited!  Leo LaPorte
is the keynote speaker, and I could just about die and go to heaven if
I get to meet him.  Ron and I are going together and reallly
looking forward to learning a lot.  Adam Christianson of the MacCast
told me in an email that he’ll be there, I sure hope we get a chance to
connect.  I made new NosillaCast business cards and I described
the cool new Clean Edge Business Cards from Avery that worked really well, they kind of crack in half so there are no perforations at all.  Very professional looking.

My son Kyle wanted a new wireless mouse for his iBook, and we passed up
the Apple, Logitech, and Kensington mice, and went with the Wireless notebook Optical Mouse 4000 from Microsoft
of all things!  Smooth scroll, nice small form factor, and stores
the USB receiver in the bottom of the mouse.  Features a button on
top that magnifies the screen for Windows and Mac.  $25 at CompUSA
without rebates.

I asked the NosillaCast listeners for a new freeware ftp client because
Cyberduck was getting on my nerves.  Listener Matt suggested
RBrowser which looks pretty good so far.

  • free for simple ftp
  • It lets you edit documents that are on the server which is awesome
  • Like the way it gives two windows, one for the server and one for your local disk
  • $35 if you want Secure ftp and folder syncing has some enhancements beyond the WordPress style.
 Look for these new pages on the right hand side under Pages (duh).

  • added an iTunes podcasting tutorial – how to subscribe to podcasts through iTunes
  • added a “My Favorite Gadgets” page

Weekly movie review of Crash:

  • Not for the faint of heart – I was literally screaming “NO NO NO NO!!!!!” during one scene
  • It’s a movie about race
  • It’s got Sandra Bullock and Brendan Frasier playing rich white people (he’s the DA) with a maid named Maria 
  • It’s got Jennifer Esposito and Don Cheadle playing cops (she’s hispanic, he’s black) 
  • Tony Danza who thinks he’s turned into Al Pacino, Matt Dillon who plays a really nasty racist cop
  • William Fichtner plays a corrupt assistant to the corrupt DA….
  • Anyway, it’s a horrifically compelling frightening movie that
    held 100% of my attention for 2 hours and I didn’t even try to pick up
    my computer!!!!
  • Don’t rent it if you don’t like being on the edge of your seat the entire movie

Yahoo! is jumping on the podcasting bandwagon with their new site
 I say the more the merrier!  I submitted my podcast, and it
took about about a week for them to get it up, but they did do it!
 Here’s proof:
nosillacast on yahoo

The Yahoo! podcast site is pretty busy, but the search window is easy
to find, and once you find a podcast you want, it’s pretty obvious how
to subscribe (see above).  You do have to have a Yahoo! account,
which is really annoying.  Not sure why they did that.  You
can set your subscription to go to iTunes or the Yahoo! Music Engine.

I forgot to mention it on the podcast, but Technorati
linked to NosillaCast without me even advertising it, but I think
they’ve got a bot crawling the web.  It was pretty cool to see
their homepage and see NosillaCast as 2 of the entries!

Wall Street Journal had an article about Sun and Google ganging up –
sounded like fun.  They said that Google wants to work on Open
Office, which would be pretty cool.  I’d love to see a clean
googlish interface replace the stodgy but functional Open Office
interface.  Sun’s Scott McNeally is a junkyard dog, it will be fun
to see them team up.

Feedback is welcome at [email protected]

4 thoughts on “NosillaCast 10/16/2005

  1. Niraj - October 20, 2005

    Now come on, don’t be a tease, what wireless mouse didja get for the boy?

    Be fair (ADA), what about the hearing-impaired folks. Gonna provide your insightful commentary with subtitles?


  2. Niraj - October 20, 2005

    Now you got me curious about that wireless mouse from MS. The magnifier feature seems interesting, esp for graphic folks.

    I’m pleased that they made it work with Mac and Win for the magnifier fucntionality.

    Can you ask the Boy to report back on likes-dislikes and the magnifier functionality? Is it compact for storage in a backpack? How about the 4-way scrolling (sideways scrolling)? On and on ….


  3. Nosilla - October 21, 2005

    thanks for asking about the mouse Niraj, if you hadn’t I wouldn’t have realized my link was broken to the shownotes! I’ll be sure to ask the boy to post about his mouse, but he usually only does stuff if YOU ask him to!!!

  4. Kyle - October 23, 2005

    Kay Niraj heres your mouse description. I got the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 4000. I wonder if they called it the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 8000 if they would have made twice as much money…hmm, something to think about, but anyhoo back to the mouse. So far im liking it a lot. It’s fairly small, it has the side scrolling which doesn’t work exactly how i would have liked it to. for some reason it doesnt work on firefox, that might be because i messed with the preferences, im not completely sure yet procrastination has gotten the best of me and ive put it off till a later time. Ive always liked the scroll wheel on Microsoft mouses how it is more smooth not clicky. Also the zoom feature on the mouse works pretty well. If you press and hold the button on the side it starts zooming in until you let go, ive tried going to the limit and it makes the whole screen be just the cursor which gets pretty pixally, but i dont think anyone would have a practical use for anything that big anyway. I havent had any problems with the signal strength of it since its just wireless not bluetooth, but so far so good. It should work well for travel, not the smallest mouse ever, but small enough. Theres even a little place on the bottom on the mouse where the USB transmitter thinga ma bob fits right in so you wont lose it cuz they would be together. All in all a really good mouse

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