NosillaCast 11/20/2005 Show #18

show #18
More Podcast Expo – Steve Gibson, Cable Yoyo, Libsyn, Taldia
Don’t use Internet Explorer, here’s why
Wired Magazine – why you must read it
AT&T Natural Speech Reader
Did I get my Samsung Monitor refund yet?
Feeder update & KIT review from Reinvented Software
VNC tutorial

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Welcome to our new listeners from the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia! We’re up to 32 countries now checking out the site or listening to the podcast.

I’m still riding high from the Expo – it will take me WEEKS to slow down the enthusiasm.

  • FORGOT Steve Gibson conversation!!!
    such a nice guy
    helped me with a problem…
    Cable Yoyo at

  • Liberated Syndication – free bandwidth
    low cost, low storage quotas but infinite bandwidth. not sure this will work for me…

  • taldia at
    “your news your way” is their tagline
    sorta like podcasting, the user experience is the same but the method is different
    user picks type of content (news, politics, technology…)
    user prioritizes types of content 1-5
    user picks time content needs to be ready
    downside is it requires a client (PC only) but it sends the content to iTunes. Macs have to go to the website every day
    interesting idea, might work

  • explain differences between Firefox/Mozilla/Thunderbird and explain why IE is bad
    Active X controls & VB Script
    fine if there’s no evil in the world
    can’t get rid of IE, embedded in OS in Windows
    tell about setting proxies in IE so your kids/spouse won’t accidentally use (give listener to Leo credit)
    teach how to make Firefox act like it’s IE – makes it work for sites like for shipping labels – tell about usps also!

  • Wired Magazine
    cochlear implant
    camel jockies in Daqar

  • AT&T Natural speech reader
    choose language, voice, output format, sample rate
    then enter text to be read
    outstanding quality
    Maint window for natural voices
    window where you choose language, US English, Spanish, German or UK English
    window where you choose between Crystal and Mike for the voice

  • Got my HP monitor rebate from late September, still waiting for that check from Samsung…a week ago they told me that they misspelled the name of my street…remember not to buy from Samsung if you can help yourself. if you must, forget it if you need customer service, just throw it in the trash and save yourself the aggravation.
  • Movie review
    Last week was fun, I let the kids and Steve pick the movie – “House of Wax”. Now I promise this is a family friendly show, so I won’t get into details on this one, but I’ve got to say there’s something wonderful about watching Paris Hilton meet her demise in a terrible way! It’s gruesome, gory, distasteful and scary, but it was enjoyable in a sick kind of way.
    This week we watched a nicer film – “Kicking and Screaming” with Will Farrell. If you’ve ever had kids in soccer, you like Will Farrell, or you like predictable “Bad News Bears” kind of films, you’ll like this. Robert Duvall and Mike Ditka play interesting but predictable characters but I liked them. A few of the kids are really fun, the plot surrounding Byong Sun is pretty funny.

  • Bob Marcus from sent me some info on his site – this is a good case of solving a problem people have. Both my husband and my friend Suzanne have been struggling with how to easily compile a list of songs to jog/run to, and it looks like Bob has done it.

  • is a music listing for joggers. runners, and other exercisers who workout to music. The concept is to provide tunes whose tempos match the runner’s pace.
  • He selects songs from the iTunes Music Store that have tempos in the range of 80-100 beats-per-minute (for warm-up and cool-down) and 150-180 BPM (for jogging and running). He put links to the songs in a mySQL searchable database on the site. He also create playlists (linked iMixes) in various genres that are intended for the casual runner that can be sampled as a set in iTunes. They last about 30 minutes and contain a sequence of tunes that go from warm-up, to peak pace, to cool-down. Users are invited to submit their own playlists from songs in the database and from their personal libraries. Check it out at
  • Feeder update
    Great help from them – Steve helped me to get my feed to validate at
    I was lost but he helped me understand the errors
    He’s working on an update to the software that helps to get feeds to validate, like the changes that Apple throws in there (they changed one thing from being upper case to lower case) and other problems. Expect an update next week.

  • review KIT also from
    organizational tool
    import pictures, text files, whatever
    tagging allows for smart groups like in Tiger
    different groups can contain the same files
    better to see the the little demos they have online – very good at explaining what it can do
    I use it to organize my podcast ideas, graphics I want to use, I’m even using it to keep track of things for my home life like home improvement!

  • talk about Adam’s belief that shownotes should be short to get people to listen all the way through – I think if they like reading better, then they should be allowed to. as long as the podcaster doesn’t mind doing all the typing.
  • So over on Adam Christianson’s podcast The MacCast they’ve been talking a lot about Virtual Network Computing, or VNC. This is an open source method of using one computer to control another computer, across the network or in your home. The obvious thing is to use it to control your mom’s computer so you don’t have to drive over there! Anyway, I had written up some notes for myself on how to set it up (mostly because my memory is so bad) so I decided to post them online on my website. Take a look on the home page for a VNC tutorial. I even went so far as to set it up on an XP machine so I keep with my goal of doing as much cross platform compatible applications as possible.

    That’s it for today’s episode of NosillaCast, hope you liked it, and please drop me a line at [email protected].

    2 thoughts on “NosillaCast 11/20/2005 Show #18

    1. Darrell Shandrow - November 24, 2005

      Hey Allison! There are probably no actual ADA requirements for podcasting as it is currently very much a new unregulated form of media. All the same, making reasonable accessibility accomodations is simply the good and right thing to do. I always try my darndest to seek voluntary accessibility before resorting to laws like the ADA. Also, if podcasters and the makers of related products and services do their best to be accessible now, it may avoid the need for governments around the world to impose rules and regulations in this area. I hate laws! They just suck out all the fun… Great podcast as always; thanks and keep up the great work! Happy Thanksgiving!

    2. […] Both KIT and Feeder get reviews by Allison Sheridan on Show 18 of NosillaCast. Allison also mentions Feeder’s 1.2.5 update on Show 19. I meant to mention this earlier, but I have this podcast backlog! […]

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