4 thoughts on “Pictures from the Podcast Expo

  1. Neil - November 17, 2005

    Thanks for the pics. I’m jealous!

  2. Nosilla - November 19, 2005

    glad you like them Neil – it was such a blast! I’m still riding high and can’t stop talking about it!

  3. James & Sylvester - November 20, 2005

    Hey Allison,

    Your pictures are Great! I am looking forward to the time when Syl and I will have pictures to show. We’re very excited about getting our first Podcast put together next week. Sylvester, is going to interview a Gulf Coast survivor
    family in Los Angeles Sunday, and I will do the same in Seattle Tuesday. Then we’ll edit the two interviews together for Podcast. Darrell has agreed to host our first cast on his site, and we’re hoping you will too? Sobeit is our domain name, however, we have to clear it completely to have exclusive use of the domain, and Sylvester is taking care of that piece now. We will keep you posted. Talk to you soon.

    Virtually the Best

    ~james & syl

  4. Nosilla - November 20, 2005

    Hey James & Syl – sounds interesting – what does it mean for me to host the cast on my site?

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