I horked something up – Podcast may not feed

I tried to get the ‘cast out early today, and I horked up two things – I messed up the name of the file when I put it into the feed (should have been 2006_06_11 and I put in 2006_06_1) and I also accidentally duplicated the article link (this think you’re looking at now is #97). You may have to delete and re-add the entire feed to your podcatcher! My apologies for the inconvenience, I should know better than to rush!!!

2 thoughts on “I horked something up – Podcast may not feed

  1. bill quinlan - June 12, 2006

    still can’t download it from your site or from itunes…

  2. Allison - June 12, 2006

    there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it on the site – do you mean if you hit “listen to the podcast once”? and have you tried deleting the Nosillacast from iTunes and resubscribing? I just tested on my home machine and it did download without deleting, but I hadn’t tried to do it when it was broken. keep me posted, ok Bill?

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