I have been having SO MUCH trouble between Libsyn and Podtrac, so this week I started my podcast 5 hours early, and I still ran into problems! You may have downloaded what looked like today’s episode but was a repeat of 9/17. You probably will have to delete the feed and resubscribe, my apologies, it’s fixed now (I hope!!!)

2 thoughts on “argh

  1. Mike Malloy - September 25, 2006


    Remeber, this is supposed to be fun. Keep up the great show.

    Whitefish Bay, WI

  2. Bart Busschots - September 25, 2006

    Bad news Allison 🙁

    iTunes insists that the MP3 file for today’s show does not exist. It would appear that your libsyn problems are not over yet 🙁

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