Show #109 Wine, Picasa tutorials, Mailplane, RapidWeaver, Tinkertool, Buffalo

Don’t pour wine in your MacBook Pro, Picasa tutorials from Debbie T at, Mailplane application for your Gmail at HDA Bob brings me a vintage vibration tachometer, RapidWeaver for easy web design at, Bart on Tinkertool at Don’t buy a USB wireless dongle, but the Buffalo wireless ethernet converter: Circuit City. […]

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Show #108 Back from Italy, Xee, MacXWare, iLife ’08

Back from Italy – photos at Wireless hotspots in Italy (not), internet access (not), Keep off the Grass video, Xee revisited from How’d we protect our cars during the trip? to the rescue, Bart’s review of iLife ’08, optimize your site for the iPhone from WEbGhost, FontLibrary and MacFreelance from […]

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