#121 Interview with Victor Cajiao

As promised last week, here’s my interview with Victor Cajiao of the Typical Mac User Podcast at
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(19 min 52 sec)
[tags]Leopard, wax, Macintosh[/tags]

3 thoughts on “#121 Interview with Victor Cajiao

  1. Gazmaz - November 18, 2007

    Enjoyed the interview with Victor I bet you guys could have gone on a while longer, and guessed what I bet we’d have listened the whole way through.
    And anytime your in the UK I have a nice Passat that needs a good wax !

  2. podfeet - November 18, 2007

    ooh…has it hopefully been neglected? I’m so there!

    glad you liked the interview,

  3. Victor - November 18, 2007

    You are so right, we could have gone hours. That’s how we roll.

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