#143 Video Screencast from Bart on HDR

As you can see, this is a special edition video episode, thanks to the work of Bart Busschots of bartbusschots.ie. In this video screencast, he’s going to actually demonstrate this HDR photography technique he talked about in the last 2 shows. He’ll start by showing you several photos of the same scene, but taken at different exposures, then he’ll combine (or enfuse) them using Bracketeer, and finally he’ll bring them into iPhoto and show you how he uses the tools in that product combined with his own eye in order to create the final image he was looking for with high dynamic range, or HDR.

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We hope you enjoyed this video tutorial on HDR techniques. If you’re interested in buying Bracketeer after watching this – and you happen to be watching this before midnight PST on Sunday April 6th, Bracketeer is on sale at MacZot.com for only $15US. As always, be sure to send feedback to allison@podfeet.com and let me know what you thought of the show. thanks for listening AND watching this time, and stay subscribed.

4 thoughts on “#143 Video Screencast from Bart on HDR

  1. Max - April 7, 2008

    I was disappointed to find the video podcast isn’t compatible with the iPod Touch (Bart what were you thinking you have one too!).

    For some reason video podcasts won’t play back in iTunes for me without breaking up every few seconds – anyone know of a fix?

  2. podfeet - April 7, 2008

    Sorry for the confusion on this file! If you’re having trouble with it, the best thing to do is delete the feed entirely from iTunes, and then click the button I provide on every episode and in the sidebar that says “subscribe with iTunes” and re-subscribe. That should fix all of the problems except that it won’t play on iPods. Evidently one MORE step I should have done when I was adding the iTunes info was to right click on the file and select “convert selection for iPod/iPhone”. I think you can do it yourself, it would be nice to know if that works Max! don’t blame Bart for any of this – this is the first video I’ve added to my feed and I learned a LOT.

  3. Max - April 7, 2008

    Don’t worry about the Touch incompatibility, surprisingly most video stuff in iTunes *doesn’t* work on the Touch (most of Don McAllister’s stuff for example).

    As for trouble generally its not just you – I can’t watch anything from TMUP, MacBreak, etc without break up on screen.. Its obviously something to do with my setup but I don’t know where to start troubleshooting IN iTunes.

  4. […] When just talking about it left quite a few listeners a little confused Allison asked me to screen cast my workflow for creating an HDR image. I made it clear in my original article and on the NosillaCast that I was just describing my way of […]

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