#152 Three Year Anniversary Show

In this special episode we celebrate together the three year anniversary of the NosillaCast. Enjoy the voices of the listeners of the show as they describe in their own voices how they found the NosillaCast. Some are heartfelt, some are funny, and all inspire me to continue doing the show as long as you’ll keep listening. We also have a review of the Honda Element by Honda Bob, and in Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart and I discuss his experience helping his grandfather protect his Windows PC, and those tools he recommends when Windows is inevitable.

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Today is Sunday May 18th, 2008, and this is show number 152. I’m excited to be celebrating three full years of this great adventure of podcasting with you. I may get a little maudlin here because I want to tell you how much this means to me. I simply love doing it. I love the feedback you all give me – the encouragement, the questions, the suggestions, I even love it when you write to me and tell me I’m all wet about something! I love learning the new tools, digging in to separate the great ones from the merely good, and tossing out the awful ones. this show has given me a satisfaction in life that I never saw coming. I’ve made so many friends in the virtual world all across the globe, and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We’ll have to be ready for shifts in the technology over time, but I sure hope whatever this evolves into has the feeling of community that we have today. Thank you for three wonderful years. And with that, I’m going to turn the microphone over to you.

Anniversary Greetings from Friends of the Show
Special thanks to Steve (my husband), Ron Burch, Neil, Bart, Dale Komai, David Sparks (from macsparky.com, Elliott Bowles, George Harmon, Jane Griffiths, Jimmi-lee (from Indie Radio Chatanooga), Dennis Zerwas, Margaret Wehbi, Martin Hauser, Matthew Chan, Melissa Davis, Rob Hanson, Rose, Susan Gerhart, and Tony Walla for all the wonderful audio files they sent in telling us how they found the NosillaCast.

Honda Bob
This week we have Honda Bob himself giving a review, this time of the Honda Element.

Hello, this is Honda Bob, and today I have a long term review of my Honda Element. When I bought this car on March 26, 2005 (I call it a car to differentiate it from my truck), I fully intended to put a lot of miles on it. After all, it was for BUSINESS USE. In three years I have been cross-country to Louisiana 3 times. I was really surprised how well it handles the open road. I just set the cruise control at about 70 and sit back, relax and listen to my fully loaded i-Pod.
You already read in my website about all the modifications that I have done to the car. All the modifications are still working perfectly. My air supply system just keeps on pumping.

Last month I reached a milestone (in my book, anyway). The Element turned over 100,000 miles, and I thought I’d write a review on how it has performed over the last 3 years.
Let me tell you, I was surprised when I went back over my records and found that I used over 5,000 gallons of fuel! My average fuel economy over the 100,000 miles is right at 20 MPG.
To tell the truth, I was expecting more than this, but I guess the 500 pounds of tools and equipment in the back kind of put a damper on my mileage. I will admit, though, that when I made the trips back to Louisiana, with all the equipment taken out, my mileage did increase to 27 MPG.

As far as oil changes go, I have NEVER changed the oil. I have a supplemental oil filter system that uses a standard roll of toilet tissue for an oil filter. I change the toilet tissue element every 1000 miles or so. The oil just never gets dirty. Repairs…about $208.00. The only part that really failed is the tensioner pulley for the drive belt. The rest is front and rear brake pads, and a couple axles.

The average cost per mile for everything, including fuel and the original cost of the car, is 2.7 cents per mile. The finish is still bright red. I know Allison likes to clay-bar and wax cars often, but I do it myself about every 3 months.
It does get a wash at least once a week. So far, I only have one little dent in the left rear quarter panel. I think someone bumped it with an elbow or something. Paintless Dent Removal will take care of this next month. And that’s about it…I fully expect this car to see a million miles on the odometer. Good bye.

Honda Bob uses his Honda Element to come to my house to give his tender loving care our Hondas and Acuras, and if you’d like that same care (and you live in the LA or Orange County area), give him a call at (562)531-2321 or shoot him an email at [email protected]. HDA Bob’s Mobile Service is not affiliated with Honda, Acura or Honda Worldwide.

Chit Chat Across the Pond
In this episode, Bart and I find a new way to communicate because of his continuing broadband woes, and we discuss how to help your family members if they simply MUST run Windows. Bart discusses this in full on his blog at bartbusschots.ie/blog

“the big 4” protection utilities Bart recommends:
– AVG from free.grisoft.com
– Zone Alarm from zonealarm.com
– SpyBot S&D from safer-networking.org
– Rootkit Revealer from rootkit.com

Well, I hate to say goodbye on this 3 year show, it sure was fun for me. You’ve given me energy to go another three years or even longer after all this great feedback. If you’d like to be a part of the show through Dumb Question Corner or you’d just like to tell me I’m wrong about something, shoot me an email at [email protected]. Or if you’d like to send in an audio review, send it over to [email protected]. And if you’d like to hear me drivel on throughout the week on Twitter, head on over to twitter.com/podfeet and push that Follow button. I promise, it’s fascinating. Just today i told twitterville how I was making chocolate chip pancakes for 11 kids! Ok, I guess I’d better sign off, Thanks for listening, and stay subscribed.

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  2. Honda - August 26, 2008

    Great post on the honda. I found you while searching on google. Thanks

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