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Continuing the overview of all the components of Podcasting with why you need a blog, explanation of Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal, ways to host your blog (WordPress.com vs. your own host), Akismet will bring you relief from spam.

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Podcasting on Podcasting update
I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on my new Podcasting on Podcasting show. I hope you like it as a separate show but still in the same feed. It seems to be the best way to give it to those who asked for it but make it really easy to skip if you’re not interested. I’ve had several suggestions to review more tools – like firewire mixers, etc. i need to set the stage that this podcast will ONLY be about what I actually KNOW! I don’t use a Firewire mixer, so I won’t be talking about them. i don’t use windows to create my podcast, so there will be no windows tools. I’m not a fancy podcaster, if you want to get into high level gear that will cost more than I paid for my house, head on over to Gear Media Tech and learn about hardware i’ll never be able to buy or even vaguely understand! This is a simple Podcast on Podcasting, designed for the real noob who has a great idea but is intimidated by all the hard bits. I hope to make it less scary overall. I want you to keep up all the feedback, and as usual you’ll probably push me to go further than I would alone. I’ll keep saying this over and over again, but one of the delightful bits about podcasting is that you never know what it will grow into, so at some point you just START and then ride the wave as it evolves.

There’s SO much to know, I’m doing a gloss over the entire subject, all the components, so if you’re clever and energetic you can dive down into each area with the basic overview and get started. But there’s a zillion subtleties in each small bit. I explained how I encode my audio in iTunes last week – but I didn’t talk about bit rates and sample rates and codecs yet – did I? You can muddle through pretty well without knowing every little detail, so don’t get scared by all of this, but the subtleties are what really gets the optimization

– Last week – overview of software options for recording and a bit of detail on how to do the ID3 tags in iTunes
– I promise to go into more detail on GarageBand, settings I use, how to lay in the music, how to check levels, all that, but later, gotta finish the overview first.
– this week it’s time to cover the importance of blogs
— Blogs are needed so people can comment – participate – invest in the show
— Think carefully about how to respond to comments – defensive or embracing?
– Explain CMS
— content management system
— several pieces of s/w that do it – wordpress, drupal
— I know WordPress (remember I’m going to explain what I know)
— Don’t need to know html
— pick a theme (TONS of free themes)

– Wait back up – it’s like the posting on a horse thing
— Two ways to blog – your own domain, or someone else’s
— wordpress.com – free, no wordpress admin, no understanding databases, doing s/w upgrades, but goofy domain name and I think you get ads
— pick your own domain name and a hosting plan with a company and DIY
— good news is wp is easy to install, and tons of free support options – forums, etc
— Helped a girl scout start her own blog on her own domain in 1.5 hours – from nothing to live and running
— GoDaddy (and others) have installers for WP
— Get ready for spam – Akismet
— free, keeps spam away
— requires wordpress.com username but not a blog there
— get an API key, whatever that is
— in your WP installation, enter the key and activate Akismet plugin – spam free!

6 thoughts on “PoP #004 Blogs

  1. G - June 18, 2008

    Hey, Allison, I think I heard you say there were versions of the WordPress.com posting. Free (with ads?). Not so free, maybe with no ads? And I thought I heard you say you were doing the low end (or was that just with GoDaddy?)

    Anyway, Podfeet.com/wordpress is nicely laid out. God content. Can almost “hear” your voice in the text –

    So, free, or paid?

  2. podfeet - June 18, 2008

    G – can’t remember what I said exactly, but podfeet.com is on a paid hosting plan (cheapest GoDaddy does, I think $3/month?) and I install and update WordPress myself. in the episode I was talking about using wordpress.com, so for example it would be podfeet.wordpress.com if I hosted it there, but it would be free and wordpress.com people would administer WordPress instead. They have lots of nice themes, don’t know if you could modify it like I did. Also forgot to give Ryan Sakamoto, the artist who designed my logo a shoutout. Check out his work at http://www.graphicforce.net!

  3. Rene Knigge - June 20, 2008

    Nothing really specific to add. But keep going, I am learning lots and lots!

  4. podfeet - June 22, 2008

    René – that’s the best comment!

  5. Neil - June 25, 2008

    WordPress.com is FREE and NO ADS!



  6. Ryan Boswell - June 27, 2008

    While listening to the episode I have a few things to chime in on …

    WordPress.com is free for most users, it provides a subdomain to wordpress.com, like Al said bobsexcellentpodcast.wordpress.com as an example. They also do provide a for-pay option to buy your own domain name, so you could just have bobsexcellentpodcast.com without the subdomain.
    Also, the free option does have some limits (the most important in this context is space). You have the option of purchasing extra space if you need it, and having a podcast with all those MP3s will grow to be quite large, so you’ll probably end up buying more space eventually.

    As far as getting your own hosting, DreamHost.com is a great host, and has a nice feature for people that will accumulate large amounts of data (such as a podcast). Every week they bump your bandwidth and disk space, I currently get 2GB of disk space and 40GB of bandwidth, thus it becomes very difficult to outgrow your hosting account. They also offer a free domain with their hosting account, which is only about $11/month if you pay monthly (the per month cost goes down if you pre-pay for a year or more).

    The Akismet thing is called an API Key because it’s a key that allows you access to their API, pretty much all applications that use APIs use these Keys, it’s just a way of tracking who uses what resources and gives the ability to ‘turn off’ access to someone that might be misusing the API.

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