Safari 3 Fails on Apple’s Own Site – Firefox 3 Succeeds

Firefox 3 just came out yesterday and already it’s rendering sites better than Safari 3 – and one of them is Apple’s own website!

Apple has a page explaining how .Mac syncing works at using Quicktime videos. I went there with Safari 3.1.1 and there was just a big blank area, and no videos, nothing happened when i clicked any of the links on the left. I launched Firefox 3.0 and it rendered perfectly!

2 thoughts on “Safari 3 Fails on Apple’s Own Site – Firefox 3 Succeeds

  1. Max - June 19, 2008

    All I can say is FF3 is fantastic – speed like I’ve never had in a browser! Well done Mozilla!

  2. Ian - June 22, 2008

    I just tried that page in Safari 3.1.1 on my Macbook, iBook G4 and Aluminum iMac and all had no problems.
    I wonder if you’ve got a problem with the Quicktime Plug-in. I know Safari has a weird problem remembering things a little too well from the Cache. I can send you screen shots with proof it rendered OK if you like.

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