The Youngest NosillaCast Fan

I can’t resist making this post. Last weekend during the live show on ustream The Mac Mommy commented in the chat room that her two and a half year old son LD was waving at me, not realizing that I couldn’t see him. I made a sign that said “Hi LD!” and held it up to the camera so he could see. Today LD and the Mac Mommy put their heads together and took the most beautiful picture for me, check out my youngest fan:

LD holding a sign saying hi Allison and some podfeet!

Isn’t he the cutest little guy you’ve ever seen? And please note that he can spell Allison, which puts him a step ahead of our Irish friends Bart, Justin and David!

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1 thought on “The Youngest NosillaCast Fan

  1. Debbie T - January 21, 2009

    awe, that is just the cutest, isn’t it? what a nice surprise for you, Al

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