#287 Quicktime 7 Install Trick, SleepyTunes, 27 inch iMac is Bad, Macs at Work

Amazon affiliate links for holiday shopping makes podcasters happy, but Allison won’t make the NosillaCastaways happy by buying ad-free live show. A Safari tip, Dr. Robert Carter on how to download and install Quicktime 7 with X installed, Caleb on RockMelt, and Kate on SleepyTunes from infinitemonkeydesign. Peter Boodts tells us how he uses ScreenSteps […]

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#285 Podshifter, Image Title Safari Extension, Excel 11, iPhoto 11, MacBook Airs

Navin from India shows us there’s 100 million CDMA subscribers in India, John asks in Dumb Question Corner how to play podcasts at 2X in iTunes and Connor suggests podshifter.com. Kirschen Seah from Free Range Coder creates Image Title Safari Extension. Excel ’11 review – a long one filled with pivot tables and conditional formatting […]

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