#305 How To Podcast Without Power, Android Screenshots, Record Your Own Review, iPod Touch is not Secure, Going Linux

I outline how the show is normally created live, and how we pulled it off without power. Quick interlude to mock Android: how to take a screenshot from thappslab.com. How to make a recording for the NosillaCast: Record Your Own Review. Jim Sewell teaches us about Safari Reader and looks for a better solution to […]

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#303 Tom Merritt, Rosetta, Zaggmate iPad Case, Alfred, iSwifter Flash on the iPad

Tom Merritt from twit.tv/tnt and tommerritt.com joins us for Chit Chat Across the Pond while we’re in Florida together. Steve Davidson finds a better way to figure out if you’ve got PowerPC/Rosetta applications that won’t run under Lion and tells us about the rebirth of Eudora under Eudora OSE (for Open Source Edition) at wiki.mozilla.org/Eudora_Releases. […]

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#302 RadTech Anti-Glare Film, RIP Rosetta, Nike+ GPS for iPhone, Mail Tags, Mac Mania Cruises

Shai Yamannee takes a break from cruising to review the RadTech ClearCal Anti-Glare Film for 15-inch Macbook Pro Unibody. George from Tulsa gives caution about Lion since it will not allow Rosetta applications and tells us how to figure out if our applications DO use Rosetta: George’s ScreenSteps tutorial. Nick Brennen gives us his first […]

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