#314 6 years, Google Notifier, Arkon Stand, DNS Fun, Mac Defender, How Much RAM

Six year anniversary of the NosillaCast, many answers to William’s question from last week about sending alerts to his son’s screen including Google Notifier from toolbar.google.com/gmail-helper/notifier_mac.html. Review of the very inexpensive Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand available at Amazon. In Dumb Question Corner, Gary asks about moving over his data from a G5 to his new […]

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#312 Passport SIM Card, MY3D Viewer, BlackBerry Playblook, Flight Technology

This week I finally answer one of George from Tulsa’s dumb questions, Shai Yammanee tells us about the Passport SIM Card from http://phonecard.bootsnall.com/sim_Passport.htm to save you money on international roaming charges while traveling abroad, I’ve got a review of the Hasbro MY3D Viewer from Target, and I’ve got an in depth, hands on review of […]

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#311 GTD on Lotus Notes, JB Systems Mic, Code Signing, LastPass Breach, Skype Vulnerability

The true answer on what “i” stands for straight from Steve Jobs, Jans from Germany explains how to use the GTD concepts even with Lotus Notes on a locked-down Windows machine, Poster from reinventedsoftware.com is worth another look for uploading photos to Facebook and Flickr. Knightwise demonstrates his new road mic (JB Systems HM06/PS Headset […]

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