Jump Start Your Car With a Portable Battery – by Honda Bob

Power-All charger showing jumper cables and other cablesI have to set up this next segment. I was doodling around on Think Geek (as one does) and I came across a very silly thing. It was a small portable charger that they claimed could jump start a car. The description read like it was real, but I knew it had to be fake. Think Geek is like that, they’ll sell you a can of air if you don’t keep an eye on them. I showed it to Steve and he agreed it had to be a joke. I thought it was funny enough that I sent the link to Honda Bob. If you haven’t listened to the show for years, Honda Bob is our mechanic, who has been maintaining our cars for 35 years. He’s a good friend now and a great geek. I advertised for him on the show for years, and he became rather iconic as people did their own ads for him – the culmination being when Knightwise from Belgium did an ad entirely in the voice of a Klingon War Commander!

Anyway, Honda Bob decided to order the Powerall Deluxe to see if it would actually work. Here’s his review: Continue reading “Jump Start Your Car With a Portable Battery – by Honda Bob”

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